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By integrating design at the core of branding strategies, businesses are not only seen but remembered, differentiating themselves in a crowded market.


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Simply put, a branding package refers to all the visual assets you need to create a cohesive brand image. A full branding package typically includes a variety of digital and print assets. Examples include business cards, email templates, color palettes, product packaging, and anything else you need to create a memorable brand identity.

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Branding Package


Although a custom brand package can include anything that helps you deliver a consistent visual experience, some items are more common than others. Logo design, color palettes, brand typography, and brand style guides are some of the most common branding elements.

* * * Logo Design
Well-designed logos help customers form emotional connections to favorite brands, making them an important asset for any business. For best results, your branding package should include several variations of your custom logo. Having multiple versions of a logo makes it easier to build a consistent brand identity across all formats.

Your primary logo may look great in print, but it’s helpful to have smaller submarks in your branding package. Whether you operate a small business or a large corporation, your logo color schemes and fonts should also be consistent. A high level of consistency makes it easier for customers to associate logo variations and submarks with your overall brand.
* * * Color Palette
To maintain a consistent visual identity, it’s important to include a color palette in your brand package. A color palette contains all the brand colors you use to create signage, product packaging, stationery, social media headers, and other promotional materials. The colors you choose should represent your brand’s personality and strive to elicit an emotional response from members of your target audience.

It’s important to be as detailed as possible when creating a color palette for your branding kit. Each color should be identified by its Pantone Color code or CMYK/RGB values, not vague descriptions like “light green” or “dark purple.” Using specific color codes ensures that every in-house or freelance graphic designer uses exactly the right shade of each color, promoting consistency in all brand design elements.
* * * Brand Typography
Typography-related decisions have a major impact on how people view your brand. After all, the masthead of The New York Times wouldn’t look quite the same without its signature decorative serifs and Engravers’ Old English BT font. Typography refers to the overall appearance of your text.

Whether you’re designing a printed banner or an email header, you need to think about font type, text size, and text placement. Negative space — the empty space around text and graphics — is also an important consideration. Your brand guidelines should tell designers what fonts they can use and include explicit instructions regarding capitalization, spacing, and size.
* * * Brand Style Guide
Think of the style guide as a comprehensive manual used to define your brand and promote consistent communication. Once you have a basic brand identity package, you can create a style guide by adding photography guidelines, rules for logo usage, and details to help content writers and other employees achieve just the right tone when developing your marketing materials.

The most comprehensive style guides also include rules for grammar, formatting, and word choice. For example, a brand style guide may contain a list of words that should never be used to refer to the brand or guidelines regarding the use of hyphens, bulleted lists, and serial commas.



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