:  Haiku is a type of short form poetry that originated in Japan. Traditional Japanese haiku consist of three phrases composed of 17 phonetic units in a 5, 7, 5 pattern; that include a kireji, or "cutting word"; and a kigo, or seasonal reference.

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Welcome to my collection of haikus, where each verse encapsulates the essence of simplicity and profound beauty. These poems invite you to pause, reflect, and find harmony in the natural rhythms of life. May each haiku offer you a glimpse of serenity and inspire a deeper appreciation for the world around us. Enjoy the journey through these delicate threads of poetic thought.

A little bird perched

on a branch, just above my head.

A blink, and it's gone.

The drumming rain. A mighty

thunder. In the dark of night,

A symphony.

Round light in the night, above.

The howling wolf.

You see it, then it's gone.

You think it, then it's none.

A mind trick..

Above us all,

a grey blanket spreads.

The storm approaches.

Grey sky sheds tears of winter's

magnitude. Peering through

window glass, the water dances.

Above all, we fear meeting our

own selves. And the more we run,

the more we fear.

Sometimes we feel the urge to

punch the silence in the face.

To be or not to be...

That is the question the cat

pondered while gazing at the latch.

Daily mud makes us forget

the beauty of the clear water.



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