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A good logo

tells a story.


Step into the world of my designed logos.

Each logo is a unique piece of visual storytelling, meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of diverse brands. From sleek and modern to quirky and eclectic, my portfolio showcases a range of styles, tailored to bring individuality to every brand.

Let these logos speak volumes about my passion for design and commitment to creating distinct, memorable brand identities. Explore the gallery, and let's shape your brand's story together.

Mana Design Studio
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Mana is a recently established Design Studio based in New Zealand, dedicated to providing a seamless and effective experience for clients seeking innovative design solutions. With a minimalist identity design featuring a sophisticated black and white palette, its sleek logo communicates the studio's commitment to delivering excellence in design.
Client: Mana Studio  /  Advertising & Design  /  Creative Direction: Calin Alexander  /  Year: 2023

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Kea is an intentional and permanent step forward, representing the evolution of the ReShaping experiment. It serves as a permanent transformation hub aimed at accelerating AT's (presumably Auckland Transport) capability to deliver high-quality outcomes swiftly. Kea's establishment is intended to enable AT to evolve into a more adaptive organization, capable of responding effectively to change and innovation.  The name "Kea" was chosen because it embodies several key qualities that align with the aspirations of the organization. Kea, a type of alpine parrot native to New Zealand, is known for its boldness, curiosity, uniqueness, and persistence in problem-solving. These attributes resonate with the desired traits identified by co-design participants for Auckland Transport
(AT). By adopting the name Kea, the organization aims to embody these characteristics and play a role in fostering a culture of bold problem-solving and innovation within AT.
Client: 'Re-shaping' Programme  /   Design  /  Creative Direction: Calin Alexander  /  Year: 2019

Personal Logo Explained

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Circuit is a Research Centre in the Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering and a Research Hub within Ngā Ara Whetū  | Centre for Climate, Biodiversity and Society at the University of Auckland. The solution was to create a modern identity that reflects the 'circular' and innovative nature of the brand -
communicating perpetual evolution alongside the concept of infinity symbol. Additionally, conveying its New Zealand heritage using the triangle motif.
Client: Circular Innovations Research Centre -  FoE  /  Creative Direction: Calin Alexander  /  Year: 2022
Logo Collection Vol.1
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A carefully curated collection of my logo and mark designs, including some personal creations and concept designs that have yet to be utilized.

Design  +  Creative Direction: Calin Alexander  /  Last Decade
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